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Adelaide Hills
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Generations of farming experience

To us, it doesn’t matter if you have a small property with only a single cow, horse, or handful of chickens, or you’re running a larger rural enterprise; if you’re managing land in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu Peninsula, you’re farming. And that means we’re here to support you in planning, maintaining, and operating your property.

Our enterprise is run by Belle and Pods, two experienced farmers now based at Currency Creek. We want to be here for you as that fresh set of eyes and informed  opinions to help you solve problems, seize new opportunities, and “get things done”
as you manage your farm.

You’ll find we’re driven by a deep care for the land and animals and take a  thoughtful, pragmatic approach to any task you ask us to do. And this could mean  fencing, livestock management and husbandry, bushfire preparation, or general maintenance, right through to holiday care in which we manage your property while  you take a well-earned break!

Your property will be part of your legacy and we want Adelaide Hills Farm Services to be part of ours. We want to be remembered as the people who make the complexity of animal and land management simple.

Help Me With...

When you work with us you’ll find we’ll balance traditional farming methods with the use of new techniques and technologies. Yes, we will always be biased towards solutions that set you up for better sustainability but we also know there are few black and white decisions on that land. And that’s where we’ll be keen for you to pick our brains so we can help you make informed choices with confidence.

We’re here to help with all types of fencing including electric fencing

Spraying is a fact of life in diligent, sustainable farming to control weeds, insects, and bushfire risk.

We can scan your cows and sheep for pregnancy to aid your farm planning

Before you embark on new plans for your farm, consider arranging a chat with Pods.

Farming tips and resources

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