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Farm management decisions are rarely black and white.

“The beauty of farming and small business, is if you don’t know an answer or you lack a little bit of knowledge, there is absolutely nothing wrong with drawing someone in from outside to access their intellectual property and different skillsets,” says Pods.

When you’re planning changes to your property, considering new plant and equipment, or contemplating different farming or animal management practices, Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farms Services is here to be your trusted source of advice.

Through their decades of growing up and working on farms, Pods and Belle know their families have benefited firsthand from getting in expertise, especially because outsiders can often shed new light on problems and offer alternatives that aren’t always obvious when you’re in the thick of things.
Some of the areas we’re here to help you with include:

We are very different to the average farm services business because we care so deeply about farming that we believe in generously sharing our wealth of knowledge with everyone we work with.
We look forward to having a yarn and seeing whether there’s some way we can help.

Property management with Adelaide Hills Farm Services
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