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Before you embark on new plans for your Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu farm, consider having a chat with Pods from Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farm Services.

Pods and Ted with CattleWith his experience across a diverse range of farming systems and locations, he’s well placed to be a good sounding board, to offer that outsider’s fresh take on what’s being planned.

He recalls getting in outside help when working on his family property as a younger man. He wanted to boost the family’s livestock operations by delaying lambing by undertaking mating at a later time than the rest of the district.

The concept was that by joining the rams to the ewes later, they could get more lambs on the ground. The challenge was this meant the lambs would need to be carried through the summer and sold as summer lambs.

It was at this point that getting in outside expertise was invaluable, for bringing in a fresh set of eyes that were unbiased helped weigh up the pros and cons in relation to the farming operations, the animals, and the climate in which he farmed.

This experience underlines why Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farming Services is based on the philosophy of sharing knowledge generously.

We all benefit when farmers prosper and we’re here to play our part in the Hills and Fleurieu.


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