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Belle and PodsAt Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farm Services we provide generations of farming experience to anybody who needs support from fixing a fence, to managing your property while you take a well-earned break.

We are very different to the average farm services business because we care deeply about farming and believe in sharing our wealth of knowledge with everyone we work with.

Below, you’ll see the philosophy and values that we live by and work by.

We look forward to chatting with you and serving you.

Belle and Pods


Our brand pillars

Honesty and integrity
We are honest down to earth people who care about the success of our customers. We stand by everything we do and take pride in providing the best solutions for our customers.

Sharing of knowledge
We want farming to be the best it can be and to grow the knowledge of all our customers. We are not arrogant about this and don’t claim to know everything but what we do know we freely share.

Effective practices
We are not bound by traditional practices nor do we implement new practices just for the sake of it. We work with the most effective practices. Our philosophy is simple: the best, most sustainable and
profitable solution for every problem.

We care about animals and the environment
Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farm Services is a project of passion. We care for the land and the welfare of animals. We want to leave the earth and its inhabitants healthier and more productive than it has ever been.

Our brand values

Positive animal behaviour management
The most effective animal behaviour management technique is positive reinforcement. We practise this not just because it is the most effective but because it also makes our animals less stressed and our farms more productive.

We care for the environment
We do what we can to lower the carbon footprint of farming and look after our local environment. Weeds, water management, pest management, chemicals, fuel and power consumption are all able to be managed and controlled to have the least impact on our environment.

We value partnerships
We love people and farmers, no matter how big or small. We seek to make genuine partnerships with our customers and become trusted members of their farming team.

Always striving to improve
Farming is always improving with new techniques, equipment, and processes. We strive to be at the forefront of farming knowledge and technology to bring out the best in our land.

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