Nobody in the Adelaide Hills needs reminding about bushfire preparation and that’s why we’ve created this simple page to outline how we’re here to help keep you and your property as a ready as possible.

We’re standing by for you to give us the nod to come to your property and plan our bushfire risk mitigation tasks.

Some of the key ways we’re ready to help you include:

  • Spray fence lines and any other non-grazeable areas ie. yards, raceways
  • Trim trees off fence lines
  • Clear property of organic rubbish / debris
  • Remove any fallen trees / branches
  • Control of noxious weeds
  • Slashing or mowing of greater yard and paddocks

We know that every property will have different needs, which is why we’re happy to have a good chat up front with a site inspection, before rushing headlong into action.

With a trusty, powerful John Deere loader and the option of hiring in bobcats or other equipment as needed, we’ll get the balance right to get your job done efficiently.

The earlier the better is the golden rule for bushfire preparation but, that said, we’ll welcome your enquiries year round, even if it means springing into action in November and December as CFS messaging reaches its peak.

Bushfire Preparation with Adelaide Hills Farm Services

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