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Spraying is a fact of life in diligent, sustainable farming to control weeds, insects, diseases, and reduce bushfire risk.

But spraying is rarely a favourite job for most farmers, which is why Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farm Services is ready to step into the fray and get the job done right.

Drawing on Pods’ deep experience in broadacre spraying and agronomy, you can call on our team to carry out spraying safely and efficiently.

Our spraying services include:

  • Broadacre spraying
  • Spot spraying
  • Fenceline spraying
  • Track and raceway spraying
  • Fuel load reduction

Whether you need us to apply herbicides, fungicides, or insecticides, rest assured that we’ve not only read the labels, but we deeply understand the chemical properties of each spray and we’ll work with you to choose the right options.

Weed Spraying with Adelaide Hills Farm Services

Spraying Services

Apart from getting tank mixes “just right”, our team will work accurately when needing to pinpoint weeds or insects within pastures and hay crops.

You’ll also find that having us spray your tracks and raceways can help farm efficiency by not only making travel easier on your vehicles but also making life easier for any stock you might be running.

On the day, you’ll see our team arrive with a robust, ute system for fence line spraying and we’re poised to invest in larger booms as demand grows.

We’re also open to working with property owners employing organic farming systems, and we’ll ensure our equipment cleaning and product choices are compliant.

Farming is about nurturing and producing life and careful use of spraying by our experienced and certified team will make sure your efforts have the greatest opportunity to flourish.

Pods spraying Oakbank Racecourse
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