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Adelaide Hills Fencing Repairs: I enjoy it!

I enjoy it, that’s what Pods says when asked about doing fence maintenance and repairs.

Pods is co-owner of Adelaide Hills Farm Services and says of all the jobs in farming, installing or repairing fences is the most satisfying because when you finish you have something solid, straight, and stock-proof to show for your work.

Of all the jobs you might need help with on your property, fencing is the sweet spot for Adelaide Hills Farm Services.

Pods does admit that doing fencing on a cold, wet, Adelaide Hills morning when it’s 9 degrees with rain coming in on you at an angle does take some of the shine off his favourite task, but you still get the satisfaction at the end.

Knowing you can leave, confident that stock will stay where they should be from now on, is one of the most valuable outcomes of good fencing, he says.

He’s been asked if he has any special ceremonies to mark the end of a fencing job, such as resting a celebratory drink on a fence post, and he says he’s seriously thinking about it.

Pods doesn’t drink tea or coffee but would be partial to an ice cold cordial when it’s warm or, if the timing is right, a satisfying Adelaide Hills ale shared with the property owner might be just the ticket, he thinks.

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