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Love thy neighbour but get them to spray their weeds in the Adelaide Hills

We all have neighbours who don’t do the right thing. But when it’s not spraying weeds, it’s just frustrating and can undermine farm practices.

One of the benefits of having Pods on your team, is that when you’ve engaged him to do your spraying, he’ll cast a weather eye over your fences to check the lie of the land.

He’s been farming all his life and is a fourth generation farmer, so he not only spots trouble quickly, he also knows that increasing tensions between neighbours is never helpful.

When Pods notices something on a neighbouring property that will pose a risk to yours, he’ll ask permission to have a chat with your neighbour.

If you say yes, he’ll check in to see if your neighbour has noticed the issue and whether he needs a hand getting things sorted.

Sometimes, especially for lifestyle farmers, it can be difficult to raise these topics with neighbours who are more established as farmers.

He’s even open to farmers banding together and doing one shared booking to cover multiple properties.

Ultimately, Pods just wants what’s best for your land and for theirs and he’ll do everything he can to make that happen with all parties on board.

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