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Belle Baker with Lyn Hay from the Adelaide Business Hub for Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast - July 2023 Edition

Welcome to the Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast – the monthly podcast where we let you know what we’ve been up to on our farm and on our clients’ farms to help inspire and guide you on what makes sense for you to be doing on your farm or lifestyle property.

In this episode we explore two services that will help you manage your small acreage farm or property more efficiently and effectively; cow and sheep scanning, and integrating electric fencing.

Our special guest host is Steve Davis from The Adelaide Show and Talked About Marketing, who also raises the issue of “backyarders” popping up in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu area, undercutting farm services professionals and putting properties and property owners at risk.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for future episodes, please send us an email.

00:00 Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast July 2023 Edition


Amid a busy week on the farm, Belle also took time out to attend an Adelaide Business Hub, Women In Business event in Victor Harbor.

She got to meet Small Business Minister, Andrea Michaels, and Adelaide Business Hub Chief Executive, Lyn Hay.

Belle and Steve discuss this briefly and if you’d like to learn more about the Women In Business mentoring, which Steve conducts as part of the program, email him at and he can point you in the right direction.

Belle Baker with Small Business Minister Andrea Michaels for Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast - July 2023 Edition
Belle Baker with Small Business Minister, Andrea Michaels

04:05 Backyarders At Work In The Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Region

Steve asks Belle to reflect on the rise of backyarders who are throwing some tools into a ute or onto a trailer and undercutting farm services professionals in the area.

She says she’s all for “having a go” but it can be a short-sighted decision to opt for these casual operators due to varying degrees of experience, lack of insurances (to protect them and you), and possible lack of a safety ethos when it comes to selecting materials on your property.

10:36 Cow And Ewe Pregnancy Scanning

Belle explains the latest addition to the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Farm Services list of offering, a service scanning cattle and sheep for pregnancy.

As opposed to the old way of scanning involving hands and very long gloves, Belle explains how a probe is used to provide a scan that is similar to an ultrasound.

The big benefit that comes from knowing if cows or sheep are pregnant is that decisions can be made quickly and efficiently, as Belle discusses.

She notes that vets will always have a role but her scanning service can bring peace of mind quickly.

Sheep and Cow pregnancy screening for Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast - July 2023 Edition

22:14 Electric fencing on your property

Belle explains the benefits of incorporating electric fencing, whether for new fences or for retro fitting existing fencing.

She says this is part of a trend to move away from barbed wire.

Steve is surprised to learn that the “zap” of an electric fence is not there to be punitive but rather to be educational.

As Belle explains, most livestock are very smart and once they have the first couple of zaps, they learn that fences are a no go, especially when coupled with some visual cues.

Electric fencing discussion for Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast - July 2023 Edition


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