When you get a knock on the door from a passing motorist letting you know your animals are loose, that’s a sure sign there’s a fencing issue that needs attending to.

Farmers everywhere understand this but in the Adelaide Hills where roads are narrow and winding and often accompanied by sheer drops on one side, the stakes are high.

So this is why Adelaide Hills Farm Services makes fencing projects a top priority.

We’re here to help you with all kinds of fencing including:

  • Fencing for paddocks or yards for horses, sheep, cattle, and crops
  • Electric fencing
  • Smaller fencing for vegetable gardens, chook runs, dog runs

Pods has put in more kilometres of fencing than he’s had hot dinners and he’s building a team around him who will install your fencing efficiently and accurately.

Fencing with Adelaide Hills Farm Services

Fencing Services

On the day, the team’s tractor and front end loader will provide the grunt and then your fence posts will be vibrated into the ground (not slammed) by the awe-inspiring Munro Auto Post Knocker.

Adelaide Hills Farm Services only uses quality Australian made products. This together with our highly skilled workmanship means your new or repaired fence will be straight, strong, and stock proof.

Of course, a fence is only as good as its base materials, so we’ll work with you to make the right selections, whether that means:

  • Standard pine CCA posts – hardy and always good value for money
  • Creosote posts –nothing beats the aesthetics of a good straight, creosote fence with box sections at each end
  • Wood shield posts – these are pine posts with a plastic covering that some argue are more durable and possibly more fire-tolerant

While it’s true that Hills terrain can be more challenging than the Mallee, Adelaide Hills Farm Services will adapt to the land and make sure you have strong, reliable fencing in place to cope with stock, weather, and roos!

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