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Practical Farm Safety With Alex Thomas - Hands-on Real World Insights At Our Farm Demo Days

Practical farm safety is a speciality of Alex Thomas, the sought-after trainer and speaker behind campaigns like #plantaseedforsafety and #savealifelistentoyourwife.

We’re thrilled Alex will be taking part through our Tractoring For Women workshop and two Farm Fencing Demo Days, mingling with participants and diving into conversations about how to make farm safety a reality.

Alex has deep connection to farm life and the consequences of farm accidents and dangers, resulting in her caring for her dad for many years.

Her study in the realm of occupational health and safety fuelled her frustration because she saw how the growing bureaucracy around agricultural “farmsafe” practices was creating a gap between theory and daily practice on actual farms.

Closing that gap is her life’s work, coupled with her solid understand of what all the farm safety legislation actually boils down to; reduce death and injury on farms.

Your invitation to chat about practical farm safety with Alex Thomas

Alex is keen as mustard to get among it during our demo days and has made a short video to make sure you know she’s up for any discussions you wish to have.

We hope you’ll take her up on this and if you’re going to come to one of our events, please register in advance to help us with catering – Tractoring For Women and Farm Fencing Demo Days.

Now, here’s Alex’s video.

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