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Farm Fencing Demo Days

Our inaugural Farm Fencing Demo Days were held in May 2023, for people who own small acreage farms or properties in the Adelaide Hills or Fleurieu Peninsula, with a special day held for farm fencing contractors. These days gave participants a chance to come and try equipment and techniques to make managing a farm safer and more efficient, or to improve efficiency of a contracting business.

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We were also delighted that the sought-after, practical farm safety speaker, Alex Thomas, from #PlantASeedForSafety, was on site for our Demo Days, keeping us grounded in a realistic, down-to-earth approach for farming safely.

Friday 12 May 2023: 1pm - 5pm

Farm fencing contractors and experienced farm managers

‘A rising tide lifts all boats’

A truly immersive afternoon led by Tim Thompson, the down-to-earth ag teacher turned YouTube star

  • Stress test for joiners - gripples, crimps and knots
  • Sandbox Session: hands on opportunities to try new tools, techniques and materials
  • Electric fence - advanced diagnosis and repairs
  • New technology demonstrations
  • Talk directly to industry product reps (Whites Wire, Waratah, Tanaposts, Wireman strainers, Gallagher)
Networking/informal discussion/round table over knock-off drinks
  • Could the farm fencing industry benefit from an accreditation/professional standard?
  • What problems keep recurring? What can we learn from eachother?
  • Wood posts V’s steel posts. Do contractors have a role in advising clients towards a better solution for the environment?
  • #plantaseedforsafety / #savealifelistentoyourwife - informal chat with Alex Thomas
Register online to help us with planning and to go into the draw to win a pro quality set of wire strainers valued around $400 - thanks to Tim Thompson.
Location: Great Gums, 87 Gould Road, Currency Creek
Phone: Belle Baker 0429 130 673

Saturday 13 May 2023: 9.30am - 3pm

Small acreage & lifestyle farmers - those who want to learn how to repair farm fences themselves

‘A rising tide lifts all boats’

Tim Thompson - demonstrations
DART Drones - demonstrations (weather permitting)

  • Principles of fencing
  • Basic knots for fence repairs & what to have in your kit
  • Fencing materials suitable for different situations - When to use support wires, when to use double end assemblies, types of posts, aperture of cyclone, horse friendly fences
  • Tie down your load - learn how to securely tie loads with rope and ratchet straps. Correct size rope and ratchet straps for the load
  • Talk directly to industry product reps (Whites Wire, Waratah, Wireman strainers, Tanaposts, Gallagher etc)
  • Win a $1000 4-star accommodation voucher, redeemable in 99 luxurious locations around the world, courtesy Talked About Marketing. Make sure you register online to be eligible - to be drawn on the day
Coffee by The Brew Box & catering available on site

Location: Great Gums, 87 Gould Road, Currency Creek Phone: Belle Baker 0429 130 673 Email:

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