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Hills Of Dreams - Pods and Belle on The Adelaide Show Podcast

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured on the popular and long-running podcast, The Adelaide Show, in a special feature episode, Hills Of Dreams, about life in the Adelaide Hills, especially in relation to dealing with bushfire risk.

Host Steve Davis, whom I’ve known for many years, drew out plenty of stories about our lives in farming, even some stories I wouldn’t normally have shared publicly!

One of the key messages that Steve honed in on was bushfire risk reduction, a service we are eagerly promoting throughout the Hills region.

While one of the other guests on the episode, Leo Gaggl from the Growing Data Foundation, was talking about developing technology to help CFS firefighters find sources of water in real time during emergencies, whereas our message to landowners was about prevention being better than a cure.

We are here to help you take action now to get rid of fuel load before conditions become adverse, and if you have some time to listen to our conversation, you’ll get a deeper sense for what we’re on about.

If you’re in a hurry, this player has special chapter markers in it. You can jump ahead to the second marker, which is where our interview begins.

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