The Belle and Pods story on FIVEaa Adelaide

We’re thrilled by how welcoming the media is being to our messages about issues facing property owners and farmers in the Adelaide Hills.

ABC Adelaide has been particularly supportive, the Mount Barker Courier has done a story on our new podcast, The Adelaide Hills Farmcast, but recently FIVEaa shone the spotlight on our Hills-based business in an unusual way.

Steve Davis from Talked About Marketing has been working with us in the background in the same way that we work in the background with our clients, and he surprised us one day to say he was going to tell “our story” on the radio.

It seems Steve still has many contacts from his days in radio and Richard Pascoe has invited him to tell stories about small business owners in the Adelaide Hills.

On March 14, it was our turn.

The Belle and Pods story on FIVEaa

Here is the sement on SA’s small business people with Richard Pascoe on FIVEaa, featuring us.

Steve said, if you want “farm cred”, you probably need to come from backgrounds like Belle and Pods, which is fine.

Just don’t listen to the stories where Steve coloured outside the lines, as it were!

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