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How to clean a plastic water trough with a stuck bung | Adelaide Hills Farmcast Podcast

If you have plastic water troughs on your Adelaide Hills property, you might appreciate this video on how to clean a plastic water trough with a stuck bung.

It was made just after we finished recording the April edition of the Adelaide Hills Farmcast, on the property of Kate Phillips.

As Kate explains, it’s easy to overlook a plastic trough from time to time, and with overhanging trees, debris can build up and before you know it, your bung is stuck.

While Kate usually has a sound routine she is the first to admit that “life happens” and the punishment is knowing that each delay just makes the cleaning process that little bit harder.

What do you need to clean a plastic water trough

Typically, cleaning a plastic water trough is quite straight forward and Kate uses horse brushes that are due for a clean, to help clean the sides of each trough.

However, when the bung becomes stuck, a screwdriver, a hammer, and some determiniation is what gets the job done, along with emptying out the water to reduce pressure.

Here’s the video. I hope you find it helpful and even amusing in parts!


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