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Big news for all small acreage farmers in the Fleurieu and Adelaide Hills. The down-to-earth ag teacher turned YouTube star, Tim Thompson, is coming to Currency Creek on Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13, to run two “demo days”.

As providers of farm services and producers of the Farmcast podcast, we never thought we’d be creating a free event to help spread farm skills in a hands-on, face-to-face way.

But we are, and you’re the reason we’re doing it. This is because you’ve asked us if we can:

  • Help you get better at doing fencing repairs yourself
  • Get you more experience operating your tractors

Announcing the Inaugural Fleurieu Farmcast Demo Days, May 12 and 13, 2023.

Meanwhile, let’s meet the star of the event and get into some details before asking you for your opinions so we can make this as “grass roots” as possible.

Meet The “Poster Boy For Fencing”

Tim Thompson has more than 30,000 subscribers on YouTube who watch his fencing innovation videos and he’s part of the reason Australian-made fencing products are selling to a global market.

We love Tim’s videos in which he gives straight-talking reviews of ag equipment and technology.

And because he’s been dubbed Australia’s “poster boy for fencing”, we asked if he’d consider hopping across the border to SA to run some sessions for Fencing Contractors and Experienced Farm Managers (at a deep, technical level) and for people small acreage farms (at a practical level).

He said yes, and now it’s happening.

We’re planning the in-depth session for fencing contractors and experienced farm managers on Friday, May 12 in the afternoon, followed by dinner and some “knock off” drinks.

On Saturday, May 13, we’re planning on opening it up to all farmers and property owners who want to get some fresh ideas and guidance on the various options available for repairing fences on their properties.

Tractor Time

But we’ve also had a lot of property owners, especially women, tell us they just don’t get the opportunity to get in some decent “tractor time” to build their confidence and skills.

So, we’ve started talking to people who could bring some tractors to our property on Friday morning, May 12, so you can come and hop into the cabin and get some tractor time under your belt.

Please let us know if you and your friends are interested. And whether you have any tractor preferences.

There’ll be a great lunch, too!

Tell us what you think about our Farm Demo Days

Can you please send us an email to let us know if you’re interested in and available to come to our Fleurieu Farmcast Demo Days?

Actually, we’re not sure whether Demo Days or Demonstration Days is best – if you have an opinion, please let us know about that as well.

We’re talking to caterers now so we can work out a good price for proper, hearty, local lunch/dinner/drinks.

The event will be free but we’re thinking of setting up registration with a price to cover the food and drinks so we can plan accordingly.

Does that sound fair?

And do you know anybody who would be interested in coming along? If so, share this blog post with them or, better still, ask them to visit this page and hop onto our mailing list so they hear the latest updates and be just like you as someone who can give us direct feedback to help create a great event: Subscribe here (they can unsubscribe at any time).

Do you know anybody who runs local Facebook groups, community groups, or is involved in newspapers and media, who could help us spread the word? Can you please pass this onto them so they can help us get the word out.

For the record, we’re not doing this to raise any money at all. We’re doing this as part of the mission behind the Farmcast podcast (that we’ve been running for over a year now), which is based on our love of farming.

If this event works, and brings you great value, we’ll do more.

Please, talk to us. We want this to be a great gift to the area.

Listen To The Latest Farmcast

If you’ve listened to the March 2023 edition of our podcast, you’ll have heard we now have a new format.

Instead of doing our almanac – list of monthly tasks – we’re now sharing stories from life on our farm here in Currency Creek, so that we can all learn together. Plus, we’re still doing some interviews, this month featuring:

  • Michael Bowden, Hills Farm Supplies, about spraying
  • Anthony Chick from Optiweigh about in-paddock weighing systems
  • Dwain Duxson from Farm Tender, an online sales platform for all things agriculture

There’s also a horror story about some sick heiffers and some other random events that remind us that we can’t take anything for granted when living on the land.

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